Shelter Wishlist

Collection drives are great opportunities for students, religious or social groups, girl or boy scout troops, or just everyday folks to support the Humane Society of Lebanon County. If your group would like to collect items and donations for the Humane Society and celebrate with a tour of our adoption facilities, please contact Sharon Riegel, Communications Associate at

Items marked (*) are most needed. Thank you for your help!


* Non-clumping (regular clay) cat litter
*Purina Kitten Chow
Cat toys • Cardboard scratching posts
KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer formula)
Grain free cat food (any brand)
Canned kitten food


*Slip lead leashes
Soft & chewy dog treats
*Grain-free dry dog food (any brand)
*Small bites dry food for small dogs (any)
*Durable and strong dog toys
(Nylabone, Kong, Jolly Ball, etc)


*Laundry detergent (any kind)
*Clorox Bleach (unscented)
Postage stamps • Liquid hand soap
Toilet paper • Paper towels
Copy paper • Giant/Weis Gift Cards
Walmart and Petsmart Gift Cards


*Carefresh small animal bedding
Wooden chew toys • Timothy Hay
*Small animal houses and hideaways
Small animal treats
Rabbit and Guinea Pig food
Water bottles and cages

Donations can be dropped off during open business hours at our shelter located at 150 N Ramona Rd in Myerstown, PA.
Phone 717-628-1369 • Fax 717-866-2782

Monday – CLOSED
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – 10 AM to 4:30 PM
Wednesday – 10 AM to 6:30 PM

These are just a few ideas! Please check out our Amazon Wish List links below for more ideas!

Dog Enrichment and Supplies

Cat Enrichment and Supplies

Kitten Wish List

Cleaning Supplies

General Wish List

Office Supplies

Please note that while we appreciate the sentiment, we are unable to accept newspapers, shredded paper, aluminum cans for recycling, or pillows, blankets or comforters with down or synthetic fill. These pose a choking hazard to our animals. Thank you!

Attention cat lovers!
The Humane Society would also like to have a Stretch and Scratch product put into each cat cage. These cat scratchers help our feline friends to relieve stress, and provide enrichment by allowing mental stimulation! The shelter is looking for donors who would be willing to contribute Stretch and Scratch products to the Humane Society. For more information on the products and how to order them, visit the manufacturer’s website here.

Attention dog lovers!
Our shelter dogs always appreciate a comfortable Kuranda bed in each of their kennels. These beds are not only comfortable for our pups but also very durable in a shelter environment. Below is a link to the ShelterBeds Donation Program by Kuranda. Staff has found PVC or preferably aluminum beds are the most durable. Large (40 X 25) and Extra Large (44 X 27) size beds are most appreciated at this time. Thanks for giving this some thoughtful consideration! Click here for a link to Kuranda bed website.

If you have a question on our wish lists or would like a pdf of our most needed items, please reach out to Sharon Riegel, Communications Associate at

A pdf of our most needed items may also be downloaded by clicking here