Humane Law Enforcement


Dog Law officers address situations such as required vaccinations, dog bites, pet licensing, damage to livestock, or dogs running at large.

Humane Law officers address situations involving cruelty to animals.


The Humane Society of Lebanon County does not have a shelter-based Humane Law Enforcement Officer.   Click here to view Humane Officers authorized to work in Lebanon County.

Many of these officers work with the Pennsylvania SPCA. The PSPCA Humane Law Enforcement program is the only operation of its kind in Philadelphia and 22 additional counties throughout Pennsylvania, one of which is Lebanon County. PSPCA Humane Officers enforce the cruelty laws under the authority granted by state statute 22 Pa.C.S.A. Chapter 37 (HSPOS). You can report cases of animal cruelty, neglect or mistreatment to the PSPCA by phone or online.

Report animal cruelty by phone:
Dial 866-601-7722

Click here for a link to report animal cruelty online.

Click here to learn more about Pennsylvania’s cruelty laws.


The Pennsylvania Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement is responsible for ensuring the welfare of breeding dogs and puppies in commercial breeding kennels. The office also regulates activities pertaining to dogs that are classified as dangerous, and oversees annual licensure and rabies vaccinations for dogs.

Examples of Dog Law responsibilities:

-Enforcing licensing and control of dogs
-Enforcing kennel licensing and inspections
-Investigating dog bites
-Seizing and detaining any dog seen running at large
-Reimbursing individuals for dog-caused damage to livestock, poultry and domestic game birds
-Establishing and enforcing the quarantine of dogs in certain areas when required
-Funding counties and humane organizations to establish dog control facilities
-Providing educational services concerning dog ownership in Pennsylvania
-Enforcing the Pennsylvania Rabies Law

Click here to learn more about Pennsylvania Dog Law.

Click here to report a violation of Dog Law online.

Updated 06/01/20