WQIC Pet of the Month

Tyson is the July WQIC Pet of the Month!

Click here to see video featuring Tyson on Soft Rock 100.1 WQIC Morning Show with Steve Todd!

Introducing a sweet, seasoned senior named Tyson! This chill, laid back, sturdy fella enjoys belly rubs, leisurely walks and simply taking in the view of nature! This people oriented fella loves going for car rides, especially if they involve hamburgers and/or ice cream! Tyson can be what you might call a canine bull dozer who doesn’t realize how big he really is! Because he can be a bit of a rough player he does have child restrictions. A canine sibling depends on outcome of a meet and greet. Tyson will thrive with a firm consistent owner who can devote time to training and socialization. Tyson will benefit from positive interactions with people and other dogs. Tyson is a 9 year old neutered male American Pit Bull Terrier!


Bam Bam is the June WQIC Pet of the Month!

Click here to see the debut video from Bam Bam! He loves to be outside and play in the yard! What a ham!

Click here to see video featuring Bam Bam on Soft Rock 100.1 WQIC Morning Show with Steve Todd! Bam Bam is the WQIC Pet of the Month for June!

Single, available and treat motivated! Handsome hunk and stud muffin Bam Bam! Bam Bam can be described as a bit of a ham! This people motivated fella who knows the sit command looves butt scratches! This goofy guy also enjoys playing with tennis balls in the yard! Staff feels Bam Bam will benefit from an active family who can make time to train and socialize him. Bam Bam can be a bit independent at times and will do best with a firm, consistent owner. Once he gets to know you, this fella will be your new BFF! Handsome hound Bam Bam is searching for a very special family to adopt him due to him having floating knee caps (luxating patellas) and hip dysplasia which may require future surgery to ensure he has a long healthy and pain free life. He also takes a daily supplement for his joints. Bam Bam is a 1 year old NM American Pit Bull Terrier who was surrendered to our shelter!

If you would like additional info about Bam Bam please speak to a staff member or email derdman@lebanonhumane.org. Bam Bam does have child restrictions and a canine sibling depends on the outcome of a meet and greet.

Click here for details on our adoption process or stop in our shelter anytime during open business hours!