Thank you for your support. We are grateful.

Here at the Humane Society of Lebanon County, we are constantly humbled by the generosity of our community. This fall and winter, the shelter has received mountains of needed supplies, from dog treats and cat food to brooms and blankets. These donations have come loaded on shipping pallets, in sleds towed by large dogs, and in jars full of pennies carried by children. We have seen monetary donations slide across our desk, appear in the mail, and arrive from the corners of cyberspace. A few selfless volunteers have been busy trying to sort the tidal wave of receipts and paperwork from all these sources so we can say thank you.

Make no mistake:  we are grateful. Each donation is important for the daily operation of the shelter:  we will forever need soap and brooms and laundry detergent. But it also means something to those of us who work here. It is hard work, physically and emotionally, to keep our animals warm, safe and healthy. So we, more than most, understand the time and effort needed to gather up a strange assortment of supplies and deliver them to the shelter, sometimes from miles away.

Knowing that our donors work hard to help these animals makes us just as appreciative of home-made Christmas cards as we are for a truckload of supplies from a big company. Each day, someone arrives to drop off a bag of dog food or a box of cat toys or a bottle of soap and this demonstrates that people are willing to give what they can. It means they care about our furry friends (and the turtles, of course!) Donations not only help us provide for a never-ending flow of homeless pets but also keep us going when the days are short and the nights are cold. For these donations – and on behalf of the dogs, cats, rats, gerbils, turtles, guinea pigs and ferrets who have benefited – we offer everyone our sincerest thanks.

– Humane Society of Lebanon County