Kids Korner

Hmm, I am under 18 years old, how can I help the shelter animals? Here are just a few ideas:

Have a lemon aide stand in your neighborhood, bake sale, car wash or dinner and donate the money you receive to an animal shelter or rescue group

Collect donations for an animal shelter: cat litter, sturdy dog toys, soft cat toys, laundry detergent, Dawn dishwashing liquid, Chlorox bleach, dog treats, cat treats, soft fleece blankets, paper towels

Consider a collection drive focusing on one or two particular items  (a “kitty litter kollection” sounds like a purrfect idea!)
Ask your friends, neighbors and family to donate!

Encourage your family or friends who are thinking of adding a pet to their family to consider adopting a shelter animal

Some folks ask for donations for the animals instead of birthday presents for themselves! How thoughtful!

Create small soft cat toys (internet search for ideas)

Shop at, donate to or volunteer at our Thrift Shop!
Located at 129 Cumberland Street in Lebanon
Open: Thursday through Sunday, 9 am to 3 pm (ask for Mimsy!)

Always be kind to any animals (or people) that you meet

Have a question or need more info on our Wish List? Interested in coordinating a donation drive as a Community Service Project for a scout group, work group, church group or sports team, etc.? Please connect with Sharon Riegel at

updated 11/16/18