Holiday Appeal

Humane Society of Lebanon County

Dear Friends,

The holidays are fast approaching and that means we are reaching out to you again! This year’s Holiday Appeal focuses on the number of animals we have helped and the associated costs. Our records show we are seeing more and more needy animals each year. In 2017 over 2,000 animals were housed at our shelter.

As you also know, during the year numerous animals arrive needing not only food and housing but also medical treatment. Some are emergency treatments such as broken limbs, removing tumors and other lifesaving surgeries.

“Puppy Puppy” arrived at our shelter with limited mobility on her rear legs and was just scooting around. She had such a sweet temperament and just wanted to be loved. “Puppy Puppy” was approximately 6 to 7 years old and appeared to have an old injury that was never addressed. She was seen by a veterinarian and was placed into a rescue that specializes in special needs animals. She was fitted for a mobility cart made just for her. She is now mobile and is scooting around twice as fast and is one happy “Puppy Puppy”!

Recently, we had a small terrier that we believed was injured from another dog and his eye was bulging out of the socket. He was in extreme pain and required immediate attention. A veterinarian removed his eye. The terrier was placed into foster care for his recovery and was adopted soon after!

Another unfortunate situation that occurred was a six month old kitten that was brought in by a Good Samaritan after she saw the kitten hit by a car. The kitten was in shock, her one rear leg was broken, her bone exposed and splintered. We didn’t know if she had internal injuries, so we contacted a veterinarian and she was seen late on a Sunday evening. She was x-rayed and her only injury was her leg. She was kept overnight and had her leg removed that Tuesday. She is currently in foster care where her foster parents tell us Lucy is recovering well and is getting along with their other cats and is so lovable!

These instances are just a few of the many over the course of a year that we receive. Thankfully, we have local support from individuals, such as you.

You may remember we filled a U-Haul truck with donated items for the hurricane animal victims in Texas. Staff delivered the items to York for loading on a tractor trailer. We provided food locally through our Community Food Bank for animals in need. We also provided approximately 300 Lebanon County feral cats with much needed low cost spay and neuter services.

We would like to thank our numerous volunteers at the shelter who provide much needed services to the animals such as cleaning, feeding baby kittens, dog walking and enrichment activities for the animals.

We would also like to thank the volunteers that help at the Humane Society of Lebanon County Thrift Shop and at all the events, big or small. We could not have the thrift shop open and running, or events held without the many hours graciously given from faithful volunteers! Thank you!

In closing, we hope you find it in your heart to support our efforts to treat the injured and neglected animals that arrive at the Humane Society of Lebanon County. Your donation, no matter what amount, will help us in our effort to assist animals in need!

Maria E. Bojarcheck
President, Board of Directors
Humane Society of Lebanon County

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