Winter Appeal 2019-2020

Humane Society of Lebanon County


Every day, stray, unwanted and sick pets are brought to the safe haven of the Humane Society of Lebanon County (HSLC). We lovingly take into our care all animals in need, but find ourselves involved in the ongoing challenge of rehoming our animal residents to forever homes in order to make room for others who arrive daily.

HSLC is not funded with tax dollars, nor do we receive any funding from the Humane Society of the United States. Our shelter is supported by and relies on the generous charitable donations from like-minded, kindhearted and thoughtful community members like you.

Buddy was surrendered to the HSLC in mid November. One of his previous owners passed away and no other family members were able to care for him. This 12 year old sweetheart arrived with a horrible skin infection, dental issues and other general health concerns common in older animals. With the loss of his family, his world had been turned upside down, he was confused and depressed. With determination and loving care from our staff and volunteers, vet care and your donations, Buddy’s frown has been turned around! He is on the road to a healthy recovery and looking forward to a second chance at life.

Our Humane Officer rescued Bea tied to a guard rail on a busy highway. She was never spayed in her 9 plus years of life and as a result had produced many litters. She was diagnosed with mammary cancer and upon further examination the cancer was found to have spread to other areas including her lymph nodes. With the care of the HSLC and our community veterinarians, she remained at the shelter until a foster family took her in and cared for her for the remainder of her life.

Your donation helps the animals at the shelter in many invaluable ways.

– Vaccinations, medications, micro chipping, flea and tick treatments, and routine medical care

– Spaying and neutering of cats and dogs to help control the population

– Urgent medical care for animals who would otherwise be euthanized due to lack of funds and veterinary care needed to pay for costly procedures – amputations, cancer treatments, specialists

– Veterinary services, surgical equipment, enrichment items. training and rehabilitation,  heat and food

– Help in hoarding situations, emergency situations

– Facility upkeep and repairs (new roof, upgraded heating, updating technology, kennel improvements, etc.)

Russell AKA Mr Wobbles was found as a stray.  He was diagnosed with a neurological condition. He is receiving care in our shelter and is looking for a forever home, he deserves a chance at life!

Every gift makes a difference.

Through no fault of their own, stray, unwanted and injured or sick animals arrive at our shelter in search of hope for a better life. They are counting on caring and compassionate friends like you to help us make it possible to rewrite their story. We are committed to finding for each and every animal in our care their “Happily Ever After.”

Louie arrived in September neglected and ill with pneumonia. With the loving care of our staff and our local veterinarians he is recovering nicely and learning to trust humans again.

Charlie was found in early July by a shelter volunteer in the middle of Route 422, apparently having been hit by an automobile and was badly injured. This ONE pound kitten was rushed to a local veterinarian but was given little hope of survival due to the extent of his injuries which included a few broken bones, grade 3 heart murmur, dislocated tail and degloving injury. He was immediately placed into a foster home and received around the clock care and miraculously he survived. Charlie is now 7 pounds, loving life and beat the odds with your generous help and support! Fostering and donating saves lives!

But we cannot do it without you. You are the important piece of the puzzle to their second chance.

On behalf of the HSLC Board, staff and animals,

Maria Bojarcheck
President, Humane Society of Lebanon County
Board of Directors

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