“This letter is to say thank you to the family that surrendered the black lab we adopted on July 11, 2013, named Roxy. On February 27, this year, I was running late for a job and trying to get out the door, but Roxy would not allow me. She kept standing in front of me growling and blocking my path to the door. I was upset since I was running late and scolded her for misbehaving. She reluctantly left me pass, but whined as I went out the door. She ran to the window and jumped up on the sill to continue to bark at me. I found out later as I was laying on the gurney in the ambulance on my way to the hospital with a heart attack, Roxy was trying her best to warn me of the pending issue. After the placement of 2 stents and a week in the hospital, I returned home to thank her for trying to get my attention and make me understand that there was an issue with my health. I now know I will listen to her in the future because she has the extra sense. So thank you again to Roxy’s former family, she is doing well and is well loved.”