Project Safe Paws

Keeping Pets and Families Together

Through our new program, Project Safe Paws, the Humane Society of Lebanon County will provide up to 30 days of boarding for pets of domestic violence victims. Pets will be accepted into the program as space and resources allow. At this time, we are only able to temporarily board pets for those that have been approved for emergency shelter at a local domestic violence shelter. In most cases the domestic violence advocate or caseworker will refer the victim to us to be accepted into the program.

This program seeks to remove a hurdle for victims of domestic violence who need to leave their abuser and seek emergency shelter. As most domestic violence shelters are not able to accept pets, our program will temporarily house pets so that they focus on their safety and the safety of their children. Also, there has been a direct correlation between domestic violence and animal abuse. Through this program we hope to remove animals from dangerous and possibly deadly situations. Our ultimate goal is to reunite families with their pets once safe and secure housing has been obtained for everyone.

These services are provided at no cost to the victim and are funded through donations from community and through Red Rover grants. To make an online donation to support his program please click here

For more information on Project Safe Paws please email the Board of Directors at

The Humane Society of Lebanon County is no longer offering Humane Law Enforcement services at this time.

To report an incident of animal cruelty, please contact your local police department or visit the Department of Agriculture website (click here)

To view or download a Safe Paws program brochure click here