Juniper Village Rocks!

A recent blog from the residents and staff of Juniper Village:

Our trip to the Humane Society was The Cat’s Meow! The residents of Juniper Village were amazed to see dozen of cats all vying for their attention as we walked into the cat room at the Humane Society of Lebanon County. There were cats everywhere! There was even a cat colony, where about a dozen cats all lived together in a room full of toys, beds and cat lofts, complete with a big picture window. Several residents went into a special room where they could hold a cat or play with their toys with them. Three other residents went to another area to help by folding clean laundry to be used by the dogs and cats. We were especially excited to be able to donate $100 worth of pet food and toys that we bought the previous week during a trip to PetSmart. We also donated many towels and blankets to the Humane Society. It was a very special day for everyone who went along, even though it was very difficult not to come back with a cat!

If you have a small group interested in visiting our shelter or coordinating a donation drive, please reach out to Sharon Riegel, Communications Associate at