It’s back! Holiday Giving Tree!

could you lend a paw purrty please?

Gift Cards to: Lowe’s, Home Depot, Amazon, Chewy, Walmart, PetSmart, JDM Outlet

Pop up canopy for outdoor events

Heavy duty, durable dog pooper scooper

Teknor Apex Zero-G 100 foot kink free hose (available at home improvement stores)

Heavy duty, durable long handled scrub brushes

Stretch and Scratch brand cat scratchers (available at

Doggie potty pads (small and large)

Dawn dishwashing liquid

Paper towels

Canned kitten food (any brand)

Grain free (dry) cat food (any brand)

Dog treats: Nudges Grillers, Beggin Strips, training size treats

Cesar Classics (wet food for dogs)

Small bites dry dog food (any brand)

Non-clumping (regular clay) cat litter, clumping cat litter or Yesterday’s News Cat Litter

Liquid laundry detergent (any brand)

Kitchen size and 55 gallon heavy duty trash bags

Soft cat toys

Purina kitten chow (dry)

Medium and large size dog harnesses, Medium size dog collars

3M Command hooks (removable, any size)

Standard size (8 ½ X 11) white copier paper

Medium and large size Kongs

Baby bottle brushes

Big and sturdy Nylabone dog chew toys

Dog poop bags

Sturdy slip leads for dogs

New XL wire dog crates

Large and XL Easy Walker brand dog harnesses

Watfoon brand premium 6’ extra heavy duty dog chain leash

New cat carriers (hard/sturdy plastic kind)(not soft material)

Disposable cardboard cat carriers
Woofs, purrs and thank you for supporting our shelter!
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