Holiday Appeal

Graycie defies all odds

Acting on a tip from a good samaritan, Graycie, an abandoned three week old puppy, was found on a cold evening by one of our Humane Society Police Officers along a walking trail in Lebanon City. Because of her very young age Graycie required round the clock care and was
immediately placed into foster care. Graycie was found to have a genetic defect with her digestive system and required emergency corrective surgery. Graycie is currently thriving and doing very well. An immediate connection was made between Graycie and the Humane Society Police Officer who found her on that cold evening. That same Humane Society Police Officer is
now fostering Graycie!

Life saving programs and services like our Foster Care and Humane Law Enforcement are funded entirely by generous donors like you.

Saving one homeless animal will not change the world but
surely for that one homeless animal the world will change forever

Dear Friend,

The Humane Society of Lebanon County is the only animal shelter in Lebanon County. As such, we house and care for over 2000+ homeless animals per year. The services we provide include adoption and rehoming, lost and found, low cost
veterinary services, pet food bank, humane law enforcement and foster care program.

In 2016 our mission of finding homes for the animals included many successful adoption campaigns. So far in 2016 we have reunited 223 lost pets and placed 183 animals in rescue organizations, fostered 171 underage puppies and kittens,
and found forever homes for 800+ homeless animals.

As the holidays approach please remember to include Humane Society of Lebanon County in your plans of giving. Your donation is not only a tax deduction, but can be a great gift idea for your friends, family, or coworkers. Always have that one person who is so hard to buy for? Know an animal lover that has simply everything they need? Make a donation in their honor! The
opportunities to give are endless!


Maria Bojarcheck
President, Board of Directors
Humane Society of Lebanon County


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