Dogs Available for Adoption


Jordan Leigh Photography Please note that we try to keep our website as current as possible and update it daily. If you would like to check and make sure that an animal you're interested in is still at the shelter, please call (717) 628-1369 or email us to find out more!

Thanks to Jordan Fancovic of Jordan Leigh Photography for helping our dogs to put their best paw forward! Jordan is a professional photographer based in Myerstown who takes beautiful photographs of people, pets and events.

Spike  -  13854

Meet Spike! Spike is an adult American Pit Bull Terrier who was surrendered to the shelter at the end of February because his owners no longer had time for him. We told Spike that we'll give him all the time in the world! Spike is a sweetheart, and is very friendly and affectionate. He has a gorgeous, silky midnight black coat. Spike is a very strong dog and will need a strong owner. Want to come take Spike for a test run? He's waiting for you to come and take him for a walk!

UPDATE: A generous donor, Tania Walton, has donated money for Spike to go to obedience school! He's taking classes down the street from the shelter with Erin and Tiffany at Keystone Elite K-9, LLC. Come and see what he's learned! Thank you Tania for your sponsorship!

Zipporah  -  13899

Isn't Zipporah stunning? Zipporah is an American Pit Bull Terrier who was surrendered to the shelter at the beginning of March. Zipporah has a soft and silky brown coat. Zipporah is a little timid and unsure in the shelter right now, but once she gets to know you she's stuck to you like glue! Zipporah may have some food issues, but it's nothing that a little time, training, and TLC won't correct! Zipporah would love to meet you, so swing on by the shelter today!

Cojaac  -  13926

Cojaac is our resident sleuth! He's always looking to hound down a good mystery...no pun intended. Cojaac is an adult Labrador Retriever who was surrendered to the shelter in mid-March. He is the all-around, ultimate family dog. Cojaac can be very laid-back and mellow, but he can also be active and full of energy. Do you have a mystery that Cojaac can help you solve? He'd be happy to help!

Apollo  -  13961

Apollo is such a handsome boy! He's an adult Boxer who was brought into the shelter as a stray at the beginning of March. Apollo has the typical brown and white, Boxer markings. He also has a deformed front paw. It looks like he has an extra paw growing on his front leg. This makes Apollo a little self-conscious, but we told him it's what makes him unique! Apollo was behavior tested at the shelter and did show some food and resource guarding issues. Can you blame him though? He had to fend for himself. Because of this, Apollo would do best in a home without children under 12 years of age. Apollo would love it if you could come down to visit him!

Jacqueline  -  13972

This is Jacqueline! You say her name with a French accent. She won't respond to you otherwise. Jacqueline is an adorable little mademoiselle who was brought into the shelter at the beginning of April as a stray. Don't let her scruffy face fool you. We estimate that Jacqueline is only two years old. She's a Jack Russell Terrier mix who has white and brown fur. For a Terrier, Jacqueline has a pretty mellow personality. Want to make this pup your next furever friend?

Lady & Tramp  -  13984 & 13984

Lady and Tramp are two Beagles who were brought into the shelter as a stray at the beginning of April. Lady has the typical Beagle, tricolor markings. Lady is a very sweet little dog. She's a bit skinny right now, and could afford to put on a few pounds. Lady enjoys taking her time while going for walks. She likes taking in her surroundings. Want to go for a walk with her?

Tramp is anything but a tramp. We think that he's very sophisticated and classy. Tramp also has the typical, tricolor Beagle markings. While Lady is on the skinnier side, Tramp is a little chubby. He could afford to lose a few pounds. Want to come and check him out?

UPDATE: Tramp was adopted, but Lady is still looking for her furever home. Don't make her wait too long. Come on down and visit with her at the shelter today!

Mr. Bojangles  -  14020

Introducing the one, the only, the incredible Mr. Bojangles! Mr. Bojangles is a young Labrador Retriever mix who was brought into the shelter as a stray in mid-April. Mr. Bojangles, or Mr. Bo for short, has black and white, silky fur. We estimate that he is only around a year old, so he has lots of puppy energy and will need a very active family willing to play with him and take him for long walks. Mr. Bojangles always has so much energy that it looks like he's constantly dancing around. Want to dance with Mr. Bojangles? Come on down to the shelter. We'll keep the radio on for you! Mr. Bojangles would do best in a home without children under 10 years old.

Nugget  -  10387a

We think that Nugget is the sweetest dog in the world! Nugget is a brown and white, American Pit Bull Terrier mix. We estimate that Nugget is around 2 years old. Nugget is still young, and still has plenty of energy, so he would do best going to an active family. Originally adopted from the shelter in 2012, Nugget's owner had to surrender him back to the shelter in mid-April. Nugget's a little sad about losing his friend, but we just know he'll find a loving and caring family. Nugget loves rolling in the grass and lying on his back so you can pet his belly. Come on down to the shelter today and take a walk with Nugget!


Hurricane  -  13972a   ADOPTED

Watch out! Here comes Hurricane! Hurricane is an American Pit Bull Terrier who was surrendered to the shelter at the beginning of April. Hurricane is a whirlwind of fun. He's still relatively young, just over a year old, and he loves to play! Hurricane is so friendly and sweet, and he's already captured the hearts of our kennel staff in the short amount of time he's been at the shelter. Hurricane is a faithful canine companion who will weather the storm with you through thick and thin. Come on by and give Hurricane a chance!

Bobbi  -  13958   ADOPTED

This is Bobbi! Whenever people see Bobbi they shout, "Hey Bobby Brown!" Bobbi is a senior Chihuahua. She's around 15 years old! Can you believe it! Bobbi may be up there in age, but she still has a lot of spunk and sass in her! Bobbi has long rust-colored fur. She's quite the sweetie and can be very vocal. She definitely lets you know when she wants attention. Bobbi loves to be held, toted around, and cuddled. Bobbi would love for you to come down to visit her! You could discuss your music tastes together!

Alice  -  14012   ADOPTED

Doesn't Alice look thrilled to be having her picture taken? Alice may be a little camera shy, but she is one sweet dog! Alice loves giving kisses, and is very friendly and affectionate. She's just so adorable! Alice is a 5-year-old Fox Terrier who was brought into the shelter as a stray in mid-April. Alice has a mostly white body. Half of her face is white, and have is covered with black and brown fur. Do you want to take a trip down the rabbit hole with Alice? She's at the shelter waiting for you!