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“We have the dog that has been a long time dream for my daughter Katie. She wasn’t feeling well and neither was Macho. So Macho decided that he was going to sleep right with my daughter Katie on the couch. The next day when I took Macho back up to the humane society, they told me that he was trained due to guy in a wheelchair. He is just so great and everyone in my house has played a very special role for Macho. My boyfriend Eddie speaks Spanish and Macho listens and listens to commands in English also. In two hours he was already used to the house. I fell in love with him one second after seeing him. I wanted to give a special thanks to the person that gave Macho a chance to go to school. I just talked to Macho’s school yesterday and he is continuing to go. I am going to pay for all levels of classes for him so he never forgets what he has learned and can continue to keep learning new things. A special thanks to everyone that has taken care of Macho. And my daughter Katie says thanks for allowing Macho to be a part of our special home. And another special thanks to the person that sponsored Macho for school. And special thanks to the people at Macho’s school for filling me in on other things I didn’t know, and also for getting Macho where he is right now. Macho is very proud of him himself. Macho is always wanting to learn something new.”

Amber Schram

Davinci (formerly Booger)

“I apologize for not getting back with you sooner, but I can’t thank you enough for bringing Booger into my life!! (We call him Davinci). He is the best thing that has ever happened to me!! He is perfect and loves everyone and everything. We can’t be any happier! Thanks again! I’m trying to figure out how to send a photo.”

Sally Anderson


I just wanted to send a quick update on Miciah. We renamed him Theodore Miciah aka “Teddy Bear” for short, because he is just the sweetest, cuddly cat—like a TeddyBear. He has made himself at home nicely, and he is always getting into trouble. He likes to attack our porcelain dolls and use their shoes and hats as toys. I have been missing quite a few pairs of baby socks from the laundry, and we found his stash under the sofa of 7 pairs of baby socks! LOL. He is just the best! My daughter adores him and they play together so nicely. Miciah has brought so much happiness into our home. Thank you so much. We are so glad we found him.

Tishe Hummel


“Kai, a Siamese, found us at the shelter in November 2013. We did not hesitate when we saw him even after we found out he was 16 YEARS OLD. He fits right in with his younger brother and sister, Leo and Piper. Kai is very snuggly, especially in bed, and just try to keep him off your lap. We don’t mind his deep meows one bit – what a talker!”